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Career Support for Female Researchers

The equal opportunity commissioner is offering training courses related to the topics gender and diversity as part of the sensitisation activities. The RTG-NCA | RTG 1960 supports all activities to promote the career development of female scientists, also by providing financial support for university programmes and skill enhancement courses geared at female career options.

Please contact the scientific coordinator for advice and support,
financial matters, reimbursement or for further information.

Female Career Program (FCP) Univeristy of Cologne

The Female Career Program (FCP) offers a wide range of training courses and workshops to female members of the Univeristy of Cologne and the University Clinics of Cologne to enhance their professional and personal profiles. Training offers are tailored to female researchers and other personnel at different career stages

The current program can be found here.


Cornelia Harte Mentoring Programes (CHM)

To support career planning of female scientists interested in persueing a non-academic career, the University of Cologne has launched a mentoring program in cooperation with industrial partners.

Information about the mentoring program and the application process for mentees is provided here.
Please note that although English speeking mentors can be available, the framework program (network meetings and workshops) is in German only.


International Female Scholars (IFS) Mentoring

International female scholars are offered a workshop and mentoring program including one-to-one mentoring, cross-cultural competence training, seminars and workshops, networking-meetings and individual coaching sessions.
Please follow this link for further information.