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Why join a structured doctoral programme?

Structured doctorate programs come with a package of offers that constitute
an added value in graduate education.

• A structured curriculum including:
  - lectures on the research topics and cutting-edge methodology of the RTG
  - joint internal scientific seminars
  - annual retreats with external guests
  - seminars hosting international guest speakers
  - students organised conferences and career events
  - social events and get-together
   is offered to all doctoral candidates of the RTG-NCA

Tandem supervision by two PIs with complementary expertise
   on collaborative thesis topics

• Granting of a yearly travelling budget to attend conferences, workshops and external scientific and educational events.

• Opportunity to acquire additional soft skills and professional skills from
   a broad range of courses

• Possibility to engage and collect experiences in event organisation, fundraising and organising visiting stays of external scientists

Network building and intensive interaction between renowned international scientists, postdoctoral  researchers, alumni and doctoral researchers at other institutions

• Participation at social events organised by the RTG

Specific support for international doctoral candidates

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