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Publications of Doctoral Candidates of the RTG-NCA


publications: core projects

Subsets of leg proprioceptors influence leg kinematics but not interleg coordination in Drosophila melanogaster walking
Chockley AS, Dinges GF, Di Cristina G, Ratican S, Bockemühl T, Büschges A.
J Exp Biol 2022 Oct 21;jeb.244245. Online ahead of print.

Autophagy regulates neuronal excitability by controlling cAMP/protein kinase A signaling at the synapse
Overhoff M, Tellkamp F, Hess S, Tolve M, Tutas J, Faerfers M, Ickert L, Mohammadi M, De Bruyckere E, Kallergi E, Delle Vode A, Nikoletopoulou V, Wirth B, Isensee J, Hucho T, Puchkov D, Isbrandt D, Krueger M, Kloppenburg P, Kononenko NL.
EMBO J. 2022, Oct 11;e110963. Online ahead of print.

Non-linear multimodal integration in a distributed premotor network controls proprioceptive reflex gain in the insect leg.
Gebehart C, Hooper S, Büschges A.
Current Biol. 2022, Vol 32, Issue 17, Sept 12, p. 3847

Combinatorial ASO-mediated therapy with low dose SMN and the protective modifier Chp1 is not sufficient to ameliorate SMA pathology hallmarks
Muinos-Bühl A, Rombo R, Janzen E, Ling KK, Hupperich K, Rigo F, Bennett CF, Wirth B.
Neurobiol Dis., 2022; Jun 17:105795. Online ahead of print.

Ultra high-resolution biomechanics suggest that substructures within insect mechanosensors decisively affect their sensitivity
Dinges GF, Bockemühl T, Iacoviello F, Shearing PR, Büschges A, Blanke A.
J R Soc Interface, 2022; May; 19(190): 20220102


publications: further collaborative projects

HypoMap-a unified single-cell gene expression atlas of the murine hypothalamus
Steuernagel L, Lam BYH, Klemm P, Dowsett GKC, Bauder CA, Tadross JA, Sotelo-Hitschfeld T, Del Rio Martin A, Chen W, de Solis AJ, Fenselau H, Davidsen P, Cimino I, Kohnke SN, Rimmington D, Coll AP, Beyer A, Yeo GSH and Brüning JC.
Nature Metabolism, 2022 Oct; 4(10):1402

Leptin modulates oocyte maturation by a central and direct pathway in zebrafish
Lakshminarasimha AB, Puvvada M, Hammerschmidt H, Michel M.
J Endocrinol, 2022; Apr 1: JOE-22-0026, Online ahead of print.

Network analysis of neuroimaging in mice.
Scharwächter L, Schmitt FJ, Pallast N, Fink GR, Aswendt M.
NeuroImage, 2022; 253: 119110 Online ahead of print.



publications: core projects

Temporal differences between load and movement signal integration in the sensorimotor network of an insect leg.
Gebehart C, Büschges A.
J Neurophysiol. 2021 Dec; 1;126(6):1875-18903.

Coauthors Corinna Gebehart and Ansgar Büschges talk about their manuscript "Temporal Differences between Load and Movement Signal Integration in the Sensorimotor Network of an Insect Leg"
with Editor-in-Chief Jan-Marino (Nino) Ramirez.

To access the podcast, click HERE

A neuromorphic model of olfactory processing and sparse coding in the Drosophila larva brain.
Jürgensen AM, Khalili A, Chicca E, Indiveri G, Nawrot MP.
accepted manuscript, Neuromorph Comput Eng

A realistic locomotery model of Drosophila larva for behavioral simulations
Sakagiannis P, Jürgensen A.M., Nawrot MP.
preprint bioRxiv, doi:

Functionally distinct POMC-expressing neuron subpopulations in hypothalamus revealed by intersectional targeting
Biglari N, Gaziano I, Schumacher J, Radermacher J, Paeger L, Klemm P, Chen W, Corneliussen S, Wunderlich CM, Sue M, Vollmar S, Klöckener T, Sotelo-Hitschfeld T, Abbasloo A, Edenhofer F, Reimann F, Gribble FM, Fenselau H, Kloppenburg P, Wunderlich FT and Brüning JC.
Nature Neuroscience, 2021 Jul; 24(7):913

Distributed processing of load and movement feedback in the premotor network controlling an insect leg joint
Gebehart C, Schmidt J, Büschges A.
J Neurophysiol. 2021 May; 1;125(5):1800-1813.

In this podcast, senior author Ansgar Buschges and first author Corinna Gebehart address these questions with Editor-in-Chief Nino Ramirez to their manuscript,"Distributed Processing of Load and Movement Feedback in the Premotor Network Controlling an Insect Leg Joint.".
To access the podcast, click HERE

Olfactory function in the trace amine-associated receptor family (TAARs) evolved twice independently
Dieris M, Kowatschew D, Korsching SI.
Sci Rep. 2021 Apr; 8;11(1):7807.

Location and arrangement of campaniform sensilla in Drosophila melanogaster
Dinges GF, Chockley AS, Bockemühl T, Ito K, Blanke A, Büschges A.
J Comp Neurol 2021 Mar;529(4):905.

Neuromodulation can be simple: myoinhibitory peptide, contained in dedicated regulatory pathways, is the only neurally-mediated peptide modulator of the stick insect leg muscle
Liessem S, Kowatschew D, Dippel S, Blanke A, Korsching S, Guschlbauer C, Hooper SL, Predel R, Büschges A.
J Neurosci. 2021 Feb 2; JN-RM-0188-20.


publications: further collaborative projects

Orexin receptors 1 and 2 in serotonergic neurons differentially regulate peripheral glucose metabolism in obesity
Xiao X, Yeghiazaryan G,  Hess S, Klemm P, Sieben A, Kleinridders A, Morgan DA, Wunderlich TF, Rahmuni K, Kong D, Scammell TE, Lowell BB, Kloppenburg P, Brüning JC, Hausen AC.
Nat Commun, 2021; 12: 5249

Transcriptomic, peptidomic, and mass spectrometry imaging analysis of the brain in the ant Cataglyphis nodus
Habenstein J, Schmitt F,  Liessem S, Ly A, Trede D, Wegener C, Predel R, Rössler W, Neupert S.
J Neurochem, 2021 Jul; 158(2): 391



publications: core projects

Hypothalamic Pomc Neurons Innervate the Spinal Cord and Modulate the Excitability of Premotor Circuits
Reinoß P, Ciglieri E, Minère M, Bremser S, Klein A, Löhr H, Fuller PM, Büschges A, Kloppenburg P, Fenselau H, Hammerschmidt M.
Curr Biol. 2020 Dec 7; 30(23): 4579

A plausible mechanism for Drosophila larva intermittent behavior
Sakagiannis P, Aguilera M, Nawrot MP.
Living Machines 2020, Conference Paper

GLP-1 Receptor Signaling in Astrocytes Regulates Fatty Acid Oxidation, Mitochondrial Integrity, and Function
Timper K*, Del Río Martín A*, Cremer AL, Bremser S, Alber J, Giavalisco P, Varela L, Heilinger C, Nolte H, Trifunovic A, Horvath TL, Kloppenburg P, Backes H, Brüning JC.
Cell Metabolism. 2020 May 15; S1550-4131(20).
*These authors contributed equally to this work.

Autophagy lipidation machinery regulates axonal microtubule dynamics but is dispensable for survival of mammalian neurons.
Negrete-Hurtado A*, Overhoff M*, Bera S*, De Bruyckere E, Schätzmüller K, Kye MJ, Qin C, Lammers M, Kondylis V, Neundorf I, Kononenko NL.
Nat Commun. 2020 Mar 24; 11 (1): 1535.
*These authors contributed equally to this work.

Central Pattern Generating Networks in Insect Locomotion.
Mantziaris C, Bockemühl T, Büschges A.
Dev Neurobiol. 2020 Jan; 80 (1-2): 16

NPY mediates the rapid feeding and glucose metabolism regulatory functions of AgRP neurons.
Engströöm Ruud L, Pereira MMA, de Solis AJ, Fenselau H, Brüning JC.
Nat. Commun. 2020 Jan 23; 11(1): 442.

Cockroaches Show Individuality in Learning and Memory During Classical and Operant Conditioning.
Arican C, Bulk J, Deisig N, Nawrot MP.
Front. Physiol. 2020 Jan 8; 10: 1539.

publications: further collaborative projects

Gradients in mechanotransduction of force and body weight in insects
Harris CM, Dinges GF, Haberkorn A, Gebehart C, Büschges A, Zill S.
Arthropod Stuct Dev, Sept 2020; 58 100970

A response-locking protocol to boost sensitivity for fMRI-based neurochronometry.
Viswanathan S, Abdollahi RO, Wang BA, Grefkes C, Fink GR, Daun S.
Hum Brain Mapp, 2020 Aug 15; 41(12): 3420

PNOCARC neurons promote hyperphagia and obesity upon high-fat-diet feeding.
Jais A, Paeger L, Sotelo-Hitschfelld H, Bremser S, Prinzensteiner M, Klemm P, Mykytiuk V, Widdershooven PJM, Vesting AJ, Grzelka K, Minère M, Cremer AL, Xu J, Korotkova T, Lowell BB, Zeilhofer HU, Backes H, Fenselau H, Wunderlich FT, Kloppenburg P, Brüning JC.
Neuron, 2020; 106 (6): 1009.

Prefrontal-subthalamic pathway supports action selection in a spacial working memory task
Heikenfeld C, Mederos S, Chen C, Korotkova T, Schnitzler A, Ponomarenko A.
Sci Rep., 2020; 10: 10497.

AP-2 Reduces Amyloidogenesis by Promoting BACE1 Trafficking and Degradation in Neurons
Bera S, Camblor-Perujo S, Calleja Barca E, Negrete-Hurtado A, Racho J, De Bruyckere E, Wittich C, Ellrich N, Martins S, Adjaye J, Kononenko NL.
EMBO Rep., 2020 Apr 23;e47954.