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The RTG-NCA: A Structured Graduate Programme in Neurosciences

In the RTG-NCA at the University of Cologne we examine nervous system function in health and disease across the molecular, cellular and network level, using both experimental and theoretical/modelling approaches in laboratories equipped with state of the art technologies led by internationally renowned group leaders.

The central goal of this doctoral programme is to teach graduate students how to integrate data from the molecular to the neural network level to obtain a deeper understanding of nervous system function. The research focus is on sensory processing, control of energy homeostasis and motor control, reflecting the major strengths in the Cologne Neuroscience community.
A central feature of this program is the tandem supervision of graduate students by two principal investigators from different fields, e.g. physiology and genetics, or applied mathematics and neurology.

PhD Positions Available

Up to 8 (eight) PhD positions are available from 01.10.2020, initial contracts will be issued for up to three years. Payment is based on the German TV-L 13 scale, 65% if terms and conditions under collective bargaining law are fulfilled.
The positions will be preceded by up to two months PhD fellowships for the laboratory finding and matching phase (so-called laboratory rotations).

During the laboratory rotations PhD students admitted to the programme will visit three laboratories to identify the research area | project | laboratory they find most suitable for their doctoral training.

Selection Procedure

To select highly qualified and motivated students for the cross-disciplinary structured doctoral training programme we organise an eight days hands on
recruitment summer school with theoretical and practical work
Up to 25 applicants either holding or about to complete a M.Sc. degree or equivalent with a background in neurosciences, biological sciences and life sciences or a related field can be accepted as participants.

The recruitment summer school will be organised by the RTG-NCA | RTG 1960
and take place

April 15th – 22nd, 2020

at institutes of (and affiliated to) the Department of Biology,
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the Medical Faculty
of the University of Cologne

Information regarding potential PhD projects

When applying for a PhD position and the RTG-NCA's Recruitment Summer School 2020 admission please indicate 3 projects (in ranked order) you would be interested in doing your PhD work on.
Please indicate the title of the project and the supervising group leader as they appear on this website.