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Career development and training

Courses/Workshops offered by the GSfBS
(Graduate School for Biological Sciences)
The course programme offered through the GSfBS provides the necessary tools to develop and enhance the academic and professional skills doctoral researchers in biological sciences need.


Albertus Magnus Center (AMC)
University wide doctoral skills programme offering training workshops for doctoral candidates to enhance professional and soft skills.


Human Resrouces Development -
Further Education Programme

An internal training programme and seminars offered by, both internal and external organisers, provide university members with opportunities to acquire further qualifications.


Seminar and workshop programme of the
Female Career Program (FCP)
The workshop programme includes the topics communication, career planning and (academic) management. Attendees have the opportunity to systematically enhance their professional and personal profiles.

Seminar announcements

A number of calendars announce seminars, conferences and meetings taking place on the campus of the University of Cologne:

Life Science Seminars at the University and the University Clinics of Cologne,
including further affiliated research institutes

CECAD events calendar

Seminars at the Institute for Genetics

Event calendar Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

Faculty-wide events at the University of Cologne