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Recruitment Summer School 2018

The next Recruitment Summer School was in
May 23rd to 30th, 2018

The Recruitment Summer School offers an attractive course covering the research topics of the RTG (Motor Control, Control of Energy Homeostasis, Sensory Processing and the alterations of the former under Diseased conditions) and thereby introducing the RTG PIs, their research and collaborative projects.

The overall schedule includes the following elements:
- lectures by faculty PIs
experimental stations in research laboratories of RTG PIs
- presentation by the participants on current literature and their practical work
- interviews
meeting the current doctoral candidates of the RTG and other local researchers


During their lectures the PIs will introduce their research fields
and provide information about the research projects available.

Laboratory stations

In the afternoon each participant chooses one of the projects presented during the lectures and visits the corresponding lab. During the laboratory station co-workers of the respective PIs provide an insight on the methodology and scientific backgrounds on their research.

After the lab stations participants, who performed the same lab station team up and prepare a short presentation.

Participants’ presentations

Participants present what they learnt during the lab stations and the lectures. They share the experiences they collected during the previous day with the other participants and the RTG-NCA faculty.
Furthermore this is an opportunity to get an impression on what the other lab stations were about.

The recruitment summer school is a highly selective program offering a unique opportunity to the participating candidates to find out whether this RTG would be the suitable doctoral program for them.
Vice versa the RTG faculty can assess the candidates’ skills.
At the end of the summer school the PI assembly will make the decision,
which students to offer the fellowships.

CV, copies of transcripts, motivation letters and letters of recommendation
belong to the RTG’s standard application documents.

        Recruitment Summer School 2018

                    Schedule - Timeplan