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Retreat 2017

November 28th-29th

Further details will be announced soon



Retreat 2016

November 21st - November 22nd


RTG Neural circuit analysis on the cellular and sub-cellular level meets researchers from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)


Place: Sportschule Hennef


November 21st


15:00 – 16:00 sports game

Experimental neurophysiology

16:30  Dirk Isbrandt

17:20  Anna Schlusche

19:00  Poster session in speed rotations

November 22nd

Welcome and introduction to the RTG-NCA research

Motor control and locomotion

9:20  Ansgar Büschges

9:40  Charalampos Mantziaris

10:00 Stefan Remy


Neurological diseases and motor control

10:50 Frank Bradke

12:10 Aaradhita Uphadyay


14:00  Liqing Liu

14:20  Bin Wang

14:40  Sara Murru


Sensory processing and control of energy homeostasis

15:20  Sigrun Korsching

15:40  Milan Dieris

16:00  Gaia Tavosanis

16:30  Lothar Baltruschat

16:50  Philip Reinoß


17:10 concluding remarks